„<script type=““text/javascript““ src=““https://kruizi.bg/js/affiliate.js„“> </script>
affID: 193, // MANDATORY. This is the ID of the user which will be credited
displayElementName: ‘CruisesAffID’, // the ID of the DOM element that is to be used
debug: false, // enable debug mode – will output what the script is doing
debugAdvanced: false, // enables the debug mode of some JS plugins
width: ‘100%’, // example value – width in ‘px’ or ‘%’
height: ‘300px’, // example value – height in ‘px’ or ‘%’
baseURI: ‘kruizi.bg’,
returnURI: ‘<Your URI>’, // the URI of the page on which the IFrame is implemented
autoHeight: true // if the iFrame height has to adjusted automatically

<div id=“CruisesAffID“></div>